Art Objects

Interweaving real and unreal worlds, dreamy visions, and balancing on the boundary of the self, Kant's pieces are emotions manifested through multiple forms of art.

Enter the diverse world of Kaja Kant. 
Beyond her roles as an artist, graphic designer, and photographer, she is a beacon of emotional landscapes and a curator of deep thoughts.

Selected Collections

Explore the curated highlights from Kaja’s oeuvre, featuring works that have captivated audiences and collectors alike.”



An opportunity to witness Karolina’s latest series on the gap between the abstract and the tangible, the seen and the unseen.



Explore Karolina’s captivating series that blends myth and reality, strength and harmony, capturing the essence of the legendary Amazons.

“In my collages, every fragment and texture tells a story. Each piece, whether simple or complex, invites a myriad of emotions, reflections, and insights. It’s about thinking, feeling, dreaming.”


From the passionate corridors of the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw to the vibrant energy of the art market at the University of Warsaw – Kaja’s artistic journey is ever-evolving.