About The Artist

At the crossroads of dreams and reality, where the tangible meets the intangible, Dr. Karolina Kaja Kant, Ph.D. in Arts, crafts a world that invites exploration. Beyond being an artist, graphic designer, and photographer, she is a storyteller, weaving intricate tales through her creations.

Personal Background

“Born and raised in Torun, Kaja has always been captivated by the myriad forms of art. As a child, the brush strokes on a canvas, the play of light in a photograph, or the harmony of graphics would keep her engaged for hours. Her passion led her to Warsaw where she pursued her dreams, evolving as an artist, and now she finds herself in Bristol, ready to make her mark.”

Education & Training

  • Dr. Karolina Kaja Kant’s dedication to her craft is backed by a strong foundation in art education, training, and a Ph.D. 
  • Warsaw Film School – Photography Department (2011)
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – Bachelor’s degree with Rector distinction in Art Media (2014)
  • Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw – Master’s degree, top of her class in Art Media (2017)
  • University of Warsaw – Postgraduate Management Studies in ‘Management on the art market’ (2018)

Artistic Philosophy

For Karolina, intertwining the worlds of reality and dreams, balancing on the verge of self-awareness, is the essence of creation. Her clever yet labor-intensive analysis of objects and manipulation of various mediums has established her distinct narrative.

By merging painting, drawing, photography, and premium techniques, she creates a narrative uniquely her own, making her a voice to be reckoned with in the global art scene.

Key Achievements & Exhibitions

Prace artystki wykonane w technice kolażu zostały zaprezentowane na Międzynarodowych Wystawach Kolażu. Swoje prace prezentowała na około trzydziestu wystawach w Polsce i za granicą, m.in.

International Collage Art Exhibition (Warszawa, 2019 i 2020),

Common Space (Muzeum Plakatu w Wilanowie, 2015),

Bordering Photography (Oranżeria Pałacu w Wilanowie, 2015),

A Non-existent Object (Montenegro, 2015),
Centrum Sztuki Współczesnej (Toruń, 2021),

Poznań Art Week (2022, 2023),

More exhibitions here

Realizowała warsztaty w Polsce i za granicą podczas festiwalu Horizonte Zingst, Międzynarodowego Festiwalu Filmowego Euroshorts, oraz Lata w Teatrze.

Connect & Collaborate

Karolina believes in the power of collaboration and is always open to working with fellow artists, institutions, or enthusiasts. Her art is not just an expression but a conversation. She invites you to be a part of it.

Dive deeper into Karolina’s world, explore her Process & Inspiration, or browse and own a piece from her collection of Art Objects. Join her in this beautiful journey of art and emotions.