Harmony of the Amazons, 2023

About the Collection

The series was created for the event Synthesis Harmony 2023 at Level 4 Gallery of the Szczecin Philharmonic. Harmony, according to Greek mythology, was the mother of the Amazons – strong and independent warriors, but also embodied order and concord. Harmony also encompasses many fields of art and is associated with the pursuit of timeless beauty in the balance of composition, the form of complementary elements, and its message.

Artist's Vision

Harmony is what captivates and brings solace to both the eye and the spirit. It’s a kind of peace and visual comfort. Order in symmetry, captured in the registered observation of portraits of Amazon women’s faces. The series takes the form of cards… drawn from a deck. Significant details in a card game. Cards that know their strength, value, and can greatly change things with their presence.